Mary Delaney

OPEN: 10.30am – 4.00pm, Saturday 14th October 2017

LOCATION: 25 Linkstor Road, Woolton, L25 6HN

I am a fused glass artist. I work with art glass and float glass incorporating metal inclusions, paints and powders. I am inspired by nature, wild flowers and seascapes. I also experiment with metals, abstract designs, together with sea glass and driftwood from local beaches.

Delaney_230549 (1)
Beneath the Waves, fused art glass, 26x26cm
Delaney_231230 (1)
Copper Fusion, Fused float glass, 26x11cm

Artist: Mary Delaney

TRANSPORT: Bus 76, 75. Limited on-street parking available
ACCESSIBILITY: Regret currently not wheelchair accessible